Do you want to easily create Flexible Assets that look like this through the API?

These are two helper functions that can be used in your IT Glue scripts to generate pretty panels in Flexible Assets. I use this in combination with the Manage API at to Auto document the services we have so our engineers have one page to see what services our client has visually. You can see a redacted version of what this looks like in IT Glue here. We also tie into 365 with the same script and bring back things like 2FA stats and active e-mail domains.

Please note – this does not include the coding needed to interact with the Manage API. It’s designed to be a way to generate the “look” as above.

You only need to take the functions away from this module. Everything past Line 147 is just code to generate a test HTML to show how the solution works. It will generate an HTML file on your desktop that gives a rough idea of what it looks like in the Flexible Asset.

Though this is primarily designed for the ITGlue API, if you want to manually create flexible assets like this, then use the PowerShell example code to generate the HTML you want and just paste it into the source of an IT Glue Flexible Asset.

The code in this module does not cover generating a flexible asset. Please see


$TRPanel1HTML = New-BootstrapSinglePanel -PanelShading "info" -PanelTitle "<img src=''" -PanelContent "<b>This is bolded panel content</b>" -PanelSize 3 -PanelAdditionalDetail "This is additional detail in the panel"
$TRPanel2HTML = New-BootstrapSinglePanel -PanelShading "danger" -PanelTitle "<img src=''" -PanelContent "3 Users are Unlicensed"   -ContentAsBadge -PanelSize 3

$CustomInfoPanel = [PSCustomObject]@()
$CustomInfoPanel += @{
    Shading = "success"
    AlertText = "There is no Server 2008 or SBS machines at this client"
$CustomInfoPanel += @{
    Shading = "danger"
    AlertText = "There are $Server2008Count Server 2008 or SBS insecure machines active"
$CustomInfoPanel += @{
    Shading = "info"
    AlertText = "SBS is bad enough, but if you still have 2003 Servers.... I feel sorry for you"

$TRPanel3HTML = New-BootstrapInfoPanel -PanelSize 6 -PanelContent $CustomInfoPanel -PanelTitle "Things you should have sorted long ago" -PanelShading "danger"

For fully inclusive examples, please see the PS1