I saw this as a request on a ConnectWise Facebook group that I am, and it intrigued me. The poster was looking for an integration that took an EDF value (e-mail address in this case) from ConnectWise Automate, find the matching Manage Configuration and update the contact on it all using the API. As the Author of https://github.com/gavsto/AutomateAPI I knew this was possible so thought it would be interesting to try it and see what happens.

Some pre-requisites. This script can run from anywhere, but it needs to run on a machine that has the following PowerShell Modules installed:

My Module https://github.com/gavsto/AutomateAPI (You can install this from anywhere with Install-Module AutomateAPI
Chris Tayor’s fantastic Manage Module https://github.com/christaylorcodes/ConnectWiseManageAPI (You can install this from anywhere with Install-Module ‘ConnectWiseManageAPI’

Changes to make before running:

  1. Updated $EDFTitle in the Editable Script Variables section to whatever your EDF is called
  2. Decide whether you just want to output what “would” have happened without actually updating manage in $WhatIfOnly. $true will output log of what happens only, to do the update of the configuration this should be $false.
  3. You will need to include all your authentication pieces to connect to the module, which is beyond the scope of this post

You will find the script at https://github.com/gavsto/Connectwise-Automate-Public-Scripts/blob/master/Update-ManageContactOnConfiguration.ps1

I hope some people find it useful.