This report was requested in the LTG forums and I can definitely see the benefit in it.

The report will display any hotfix that has a finished date in the last 30 days. The report should not ignore empty agents, meaning that if you have an agent in this report and it is blank it means it hasn’t done any installs for 30 days. Great for quickly seeing what has happened in the past month on an agent or a company overall.

Now before you download this, the report is provided free of charge for your use at your own risk. I will not accept any liability in problems/issues/inaccuracies caused by running/interacting/thinking about this report to you or your clients. It’s ridiculous I have to put this disclaimer here but such is the world we live in. You proceed at your own risk.

Click here to download the report – Patch Audit – Patches installed in Last 30 days where finished date is not null