Posting this up as a report I did for someone per a request in the LabTech Geek Slack. It will display a list of all computers that have unclassified software, as well as bringing back a comma delimited list of the software that is unclassified. You can run this against a blank client and it will display every computer, or you can filter by client if needed.

The report is backed by the following query:

SELECT DISTINCT v_xr_computers.computername, v_xr_computers.clientname, v_xr_computersoftware.*, (SELECT Group_concat(softwarename) FROM v_xr_computersoftware v WHERE v.computerid = v_xr_computers.computerid AND softwareiswhitelist = 0) AS SoftwareList FROM v_xr_computersoftware INNER JOIN v_xr_computers ON v_xr_computers.computerid = v_xr_computersoftware.computerid WHERE softwareiswhitelist = 0 GROUP BY computername

The report looks like:


Download here – Unclassified Software – Gavsto v2