Searching in LabTech (at least in the Legacy search) is a lot easier to do for anything that requires an Exclude, but this option is missing in the advanced search.

You can still build the search in the advanced view, it just requires a bit of building work.

Start off with a new search, click the and and choose to add group.

Click the newly created and, and change it to not and.

Click the not and and choose add group

It will look like the following:


Click on the third and and change it to Collection Matches > Applications



Click the bottom line and change it to Computer > Applications > Name


From here, you can select the application name to search for. In the following example, I am searching for every computer that does not have software that contains the word.



That’s it! You will now get a list of distinct computers that are missing the software you have searched for.

If you want to add in additional conditions like “Is server” etc, or look at an EDF – here is where you would places the individual lines: