Hello everyone!

ConnectWise put out an important notice today that has the potential to affect your ability to remote control machines if not sorted. Their announcement as below:

“Connectwise discovered an issue that will impact all versions prior to the latest version in the 19.0 release. Be aware that there is no minimum Automate Version or CWC Automate Plugin version you need to meet, as the requirements don’t change since 19.0 base release

This issue WILL affect your ability to remotely access your computers as of Oct 30 2019.

Please read below carefully.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The ClickOnce manifest certificate for ConnectWise Control expires on 10/30/19.When connecting to a session on a Windows machine, ConnectWise Control hosts and guests may see a ClickOnce warning. Depending on group policy controls, a host or guest might not connect to a ConnectWise Control session.This issue impacts ConnectWise Control Cloud, On-Premise, and ConnectWise Automate®

Versions affected
ConnectWise Control versions 2019.0 and later

To solve the ClickOnce certificate issue, upgrade to the latest version of 2019.4.  (19.4.25666.7235)