I’ve been sharing this script with a few of the people on the LabtechGeek slack (if you are not already a member it is a great community and you can sign up here http://bit.ly/2beGZoW)

This particular script came about due to a need to upgrade mass amounts of OpenManage on servers at once. The script does a number of things, but its primary job is to:

  • Install or Update OpenManage from any previous version (I’ve tested this as low as the 6’s). It downloads directly from Dell’s site.
  • Should deal with x86 and x64 versions (though the x64 version has had much more testing so YMMV with the x86)
  • It downloads a VBS into a folder specified on Line 67. This VBS uses omconfig to set all the alert actions to execute a script on detection. This essentially will then e-mail you if any piece of hardware fails on the server

A few things to point out:

  • A few lines will need customising for your company, specifically Line 59, 64, 66, 67, 69
  • You will need to modify the dellalerts.vbs to put in your own SMTP server details (If you are putting a password in here consider reworking this to use VBE)
  • You will need to put the dellalerts.vbs into your Labtech transfer folder. This is managed on Line 67 /Labtech/Transfer/Scripts/Dell/dellalerts.vbs
  • You can test the e-mails are working by running dellalerts.vbs testemail

You can find the Labtech script here: https://www.gavsto.com/labtechresources/Install%20or%20Upgrade%20OpenManage%208.3%20-%20Sanitised.xml

You can find dellalerts.vbs here: https://www.gavsto.com/labtechresources/dellalerts.vbs