This report is a lot less boring than the previous, and great if you have a Datto. To run this report you will need to be using the official Datto plugin that exists so the report can access the data needed. The report includes numerous bits on information and looks great if you’re showing clients that you truly are looking after their disaster recovery. Getting the screenshot embedded in this report was the biggest challenge but it was well worth it.

It looks like this, bits redacted for obvious reasons:



Now before you download this, the report is provided free of charge for your use at your own risk. I will not accept any liability in problems/issues/inaccuracies caused by running/interacting/thinking about this report to you or your clients. It’s ridiculous I have to put this disclaimer here but such is the world we live in. You proceed at your own risk.

Datto Health Report <– A4 Version 

Datto Health Report – Letter (US) Version

If you do have custom report requests that are company specific then get in touch.