Every new user starts with a complimentary 10. Spend them wisely! Earn Gavsto Karma Points in the MSPGeek Slack Channel, unless you’re @bigdog09 in which case you can go pound sand! https://slack.labtechgeek.com/

Person Gavsto Karma Points
The man, the myth, the beast, the legend; @darrenwhite99 ∞ to the ∞ power (taught me more than I could ever hope for)
@Mendy Green ∞ + 2 (started on our LabTech journey together, my American twin and good friend)
@martynkeigher, @kspooner, @timwiser, @hikato, @CTaylor, @Josh_Stack, @MetaMSP, @(B)adminLife, @MPriest, @N4ZXi, @kgrube, @jesseconnr, @ashe, @kelvin_tegelaar, @kgrube
@SlartibartFast ∞ – 1 (Long nights of entertainment in Random and FOOD!)
@TheMadDrummingGinger 5001 (Canadian vaping genius with a cute doggy + Epic troll who sends me funny gifts)
@bigdog09 5000 (Karma resurrected)!
@Rookie 5000 (Long term contribution bonus)
@Wesleynz 5000 (Generally cool guy)
@Scott.ToKarma() 500 (Good long term contribution and acceptance of the importance of Karma in his life)
@smeyer 400 (Decompiling Skills)
@pford 200 (On the leaderboard)
@Duong 200 (Big mac and cool guy contribution)
@Kyle Elliot 199 (On the leaderboard, one less than Duong because I am sick of his Sous Vide discussions)
@danialbulloch 200 (Cool guy, despite his name being spelled incorrectly)
@SteveIT 200 (Good overall contribution)
@kelliott_cio 100 (+20 Good Canadian Bonus)
@abaluta 50 (-100 Canadian penalty)
@booooooooots 50 (+20 for swiper not swiping)
@itnorm 10 (Patch 19.2 Super Hero)
@dabbuz -5 (-50 Icelandic jealousy penalty)

Big Dog is actually a really cool guy.