Active Directory User Health Report

With such a heavy focus on security in today’s climate, in-active user accounts, unnecessarily enabled user accounts and poor Active Directory configuration can be a real risk. This report helps you take ownership of that problem bringing together Active Directory settings, Active Users, Disabled Users, Newly Created Users and Group Membership

Graded LabTech Executive Summary

Our brand new, Executive Graded Summary report. Use this as both a selling tool to get your clients infrastructure upgraded, a way of showing your clients you are monitoring and maintaining their environment and as a way of seeing overall client health in a simple one page, colour coded, graded view.

Computer List Condensed with Office

• Only £95
• Detailed, condensed reports on agents in your environment
• Includes Office installs from 2000 to 2016
• Count of agents per location
• Unique, working icons for Server, Virtual Server, Laptop and Desktop
• Export to PDF will automatically fill in client name and date to file name when run manually
• Supports filtering by Client, Location and Computer level

Condensed Computer Health

• Only £95
• See the overall health of all agents in your environment and break down at a client, location or computer level
• Includes Patch health, AV health, Last contact in days and number of tickets
• Multi-columned for maximum data density
• Includes Automate ID for easily identifying which machine is which
• Export to PDF will automatically fill in client name and date to file name when run manually

I specialise in the creation of professional, well-designed reports, using the Report Center inside LabTech/ConnectWise Automate. As someone who works in an MSP, day to day with our clients, I understand the need for well presented, easily digestible information that clients actually find useful. I’ve worked with numerous other MSPs to put together Executive Summary Reports, Asset Reports, Inventory Aging Reports, Active Directory User Reports, NTFS Permission reports and more.

If you have an idea or want to look at potentially having me custom fit one of these for your business please contact me at [email protected]